Daily Permit Report

Daily Permit Report was designed and implemented by Jason Pullias in Nashville, TN. Permit data is provided for informational purposes only, and may contain inaccuracies, so the user uses the data at the user's own risk. The permit data sources are: data.nashville.gov, data.raleighnc.gov, data.cityofboston.gov, and data.cityofpaloalto.org. This site uses the open source projects: Leaflet, Leaflet.markercluster, Font Awesome, and Bootstrap. Map tiles are copyright MapBox, with map data copyright OpenStreetMap.

Privacy Policy (Updated May 29, 2014)

Daily Permit Report does not collect personal data. As with all web servers, metadata including the requesting IP address, timestamp, and user agent is logged with each HTTP request for diagnostics and analytics. Daily Permit Report uses Google Analytics to collect non-personally identifiable information, which is covered by Google's privacy policy. To prevent data from being used by Google Analytics, use the Opt-out Browser Add-on.